Vanilla® Visa® Saves the Day

Sometimes, you just need a break. That’s the experience shared by one of our customers at the review site, It’s safe to say that many of our customers find creative uses for gift cards purchased at eGifter. And with the widest variety of payment methods, convenience is king. For example, here’s a testimonial from a customer that needed to make purchases at However, Amazon did not allow her to checkout with PayPal. Good thinking on her part, she purchased a Vanilla Visa card at from her PayPal account. She then was able to complete her purchase at Amazon with her new Vanilla Visa card. Voila — Vanilla® Visa® Saves the Day.

VaVanilla® Visa® Saves the Day

“I was having trouble buying things on with my PayPal account due to the fact does not except PayPal payment. I searched for days looking to find a way around it other than a money transfer — that would take days to get approved.

I absolutely LOVE this site! I will be a life long customer.

Luckily, I found the Vanilla Visa digital gift card on Within minutes, I had an account — and then linked it to my PayPal. I paid a small fee and in minutes, my items from were on their way. I absolutely LOVE this site! I will be a life long customer.”

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Written by Team eGifter