One of Our Very Own – A Wedding Group Gift to Remember

The eGifter Choice Card™

She said, “I moved to NYC from Massachusetts after college to start an exciting life of passion and adventure. I landed a great job that allowed me to work hard and play hard too. After achieving my early career goals and cultivating some wonderful lifetime friendships, I turned my attention to finding “the one”. 

After kissing a few proverbial frogs, I met Jared at a social gathering and was immediately drawn to him. He was tall, handsome, bright, athletic and kind. Over time our relationship grew and we came to the certain conclusion that we had each met our match. Moving to Long Island to start a new chapter with Jared, I joined the eGifter family as the head of Client Success. Again, I was surrounded with a like-minded team of colleagues who ascribed to the work-hard-and-play-hard way of life. When Jared proposed to me, my workmates were right there to cheer me on. 

What I did NOT expect was the incredible generosity of my work friends and eGifter executive team, who chipped in to give us an eGifter group gift as our wedding present. 

The wow factor was now personal. Even though on a daily basis I play an integral role in the design, development and oversight of eGifter Group Gifts for our client partners, I was really floored by this one because it affected my private life and touched me in a direct way — something I had not yet experienced.

“The  generous group gift we received on our wedding day from my eGifter family moved us deeply, and it wasn’t just the generosity of it’s monetary value. “

From the animated greeting card to the personal photos to the custom messages (that I still read from time to time)…this gift felt incredibly special and really impacted us deeply. 

So now, we get to ‘go shopping’ at the eGifter marketplace to spend the value of this flexible eGifter Choice Card — and we’re already enjoying the shopping experience even though we have not completed our first checkout with the (large!) available balance. We are planning a trip on our first wedding anniversary using gift cards at eGifter by applying the available balance from this very special wedding gift. The travel brands available to choose from are varied and many, like airlines, hotels and adventure travel sites (to name a few.) 

We’re already having fun exploring the possibilities. When we finally book the trip, we know it’s going to be be filled with memories in the making and a lifetime experience we will share together — and with our future family that at the moment, is still a dream.”

Elizabeth A. | Rockville Centre, New York

Written by Team eGifter