A Wedding Group Gift to Remember

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A new team member moved to NYC from Massachusetts after college to start an exciting life. They landed a great job that allowed them to work hard, and play hard too. After achieving early career goals and cultivating important friendships, they turned their attention to finding “the one”. And they did. What they did NOT expect was the surprise of a group gift from the team. It became a wedding group gift to remember.

A Wedding Group Gift to Remember

Setting up a group gift is easy for everyone involved. Once someone steps up to organize it, everything easily falls into place. Here’s how it’s done!

Step #1: Start a Group Gift

  • Set up a Group Gift for one or more recipients and schedule delivery.

Step #2: Invite Others to Join

  • Everyone privately contributes and leaves a personal message.

Step #3: Send Your Gift by Email, Text or Print Delivery

  • Choose from hundreds of popular gift cards or let the recipient decide.

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“You two are a perfect match! We’re all happy to be part of this celebration. Hope you find tons of amazing options for your honeymoon and new life together with this eGifter Fund. Happy shopping and safe travels!

Written by Team eGifter