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True to our brand promise of strengthening connections between people and their families & friends through gifting, shopping and random acts of generosity, we’re particularly excited about the reboot of our blog, eGifter Stories, as it coincides with World Kindness Day

We see eGifter Stories as a place to share special moments, heartwarming recollections and feel-good tales focused on positivity, humanity and the common connections that bind us. We hope you’ll visit regularly and more importantly, that you will personally experience the kinds of joy shared here. The retail brands you see highlighted here are widely recognized and among the hundreds of digital gift card choices available at eGifter.com.

Our hope is that you will be touched, moved and inspired to share stories of your own.  

  • Where were you at the time?
  • What were the circumstances?
  • What do you remember most vividly?
  • What difference did it make in your life?
  • How did it impact the person that received it?
  • Tell us all about it. 🙂

eGifter Stories is meant for you if…

You love celebrating holidays all year long and take extra delight in festivities like decorating, cooking, gathering…and shopping

You write heartfelt love notes in birthday cards & social posts. You get weepy during champagne (or grape juice) toasts

You appreciate getting the best deals, deepest discounts and values for your shopping dollar, whether in-store or online 

You love swag, you set fashion trends and you’ll go to great lengths to stay in-the-know when it comes to shopping and gifting

You are time-challenged and/or seek to conquer gifting procrastination — nothing less than a personal and wonderful gift will do

Your inner geek compels you toward awesome technology tools that improve your life with fun, convenience, savings and love

Here’s what you can look forward to in eGifter Stories:

  • Heartwarming, meaningful, engaging stories of connection surrounding a shopping or gifting experience
  • The opportunity to contribute to the community by sharing your own story. Let us hear from you!  #egifterstories
  • Gifting ideas to expand your world in ways you haven’t considered
  • Notices about special deals at eGifter.com you would not want to miss

eGifter Stories portrays fictional dramatizations based on real events drawn from customer accounts of their gifting experiences. If you have a story to share, we’re listening. We may just feature it — so others may be inspired to create and enjoy meaningful moments of their own.  

Rules of Engagement: Kindness & Respect

We invite you to join the community of storytellers and readers, where care runs rampant and magical moments are brought to life. We welcome your thoughts, comments, and shares. Please stay on topic and express yourself with kindness and respect. We promise to do the same! Please know that we’ll remove any content that does not fit into our space.

Thank you for joining our storytelling community. We’re excited to be with you. 

Team eGifter

Written by Team eGifter