One Lucky Mom.

The most special gifts I’ve ever received have been things my boys made for me by hand. But it’s not just that. There’s something much more incredible about those gifts that makes my heart leap. (More on that later.) For certain, I know that I am one lucky mom.

How I love those construction paper greeting cards made with little fingers — the crayon stick figures representing each of us, labeling us by name. (These treasures are framed for proud display in lots of places throughout the house — so many were given through the years.) And how I swoon each time I pass by the matching popsicle stick picture frames — the red magic marker hearts enveloping those two sweet faces smiling for class photos. (These two treasures hang in the most trafficked hallway in the house, where I marvel at them time and again.) And certainly I’m biased toward the self portrait sketch drawings that show both maturity and skill, which I got this past Mother’s Day. (Those beauties adorn our piano, a prized spot in our home.)

“Meaning year after year, the gifts I give to THEM are given back to ME!”

One year for my birthday, my young sons spent hours baking in the kitchen supervised by their Dad. After much  laughing and singing (and mess making), they finally presented a two-layer cake with frosting made from fresh strawberries. I remember that cake in particular because the candles were battery powered. We all sang” Happy Birthday To You” to musical accompaniment supplied by electronic candles. We posted those pics to Facebook for posterity. We still giggle every time we hear the Happy Birthday song — I’m sure the tune will always amuse us.

Of course, it’s not surprising that gifts from children would be so meaningful, especially when recounted by their mother. Thing is, there is something even MORE touching about these handmade gifts…

It stems from the Target eGiftCards I stuff into their Christmas stockings, which has now become a holiday tradition. Rather than ask me for money to buy arts & crafts materials, they unselfishly purchase those materials at Target with their gift cards. Those crayons, markers, pencils, construction paper, popsicle sticks, glue, cake molds, decorations, sketch pads and more — were all purchased with Target print delivery gift cards that started as stuffers in their own Christmas gifts. Meaning year after year, the gifts I give to THEM are given back to ME!

You see, I *really* wanted my boys to enjoy sprees at Target, shopping for things boys love — like baseball mitts, board games, bike helmets and video games. But, no! Instead, these two kind hearts choose to spend gift cards that were meant for them — on ME instead!

Needless to say, I am one lucky Mom.

And, credit where it’s due —  thanks, Target!

Written by Team eGifter