A Christmas Gift Card Review

One of the most rewarding parts of our day is getting positive feedback from satisfied customers. This customer did a wonderful job of painting the picture. And we could not be more proud of our team and our technology. We bring you this quote from Tasha, who posted this review on the Trustpilot review site. Tasha, we’re so happy to have saved Christmas for you and your family! And now, a Christmas gift card review.

A Christmas Gift Card Review

“I was desperately looking for perfect Christmas gifts for 3 of my 4 kids – last minute, and after banking hours…unfortunately for my near zilch pocketbook! I needed the ability to purchase with my PayPal account and have immediate access (or at least within a day of pickup access) to my purchases.

“Thanks, and may God bless anyone affiliated with eGifter.com!”

I cannot thank or even begin to show my gratitude toward eGifter and its reliability during the very stressful holiday season! Soaring beyond any expectations with the service, actual usage of the services provided, ease of use with the site, the ability to access and pay for the services they provide, and lastly, the different levels of safety that I have yet to see with any other online sites that involve purchasing with PayPal (or any way of purchasing, actually!)

It was very fast, beyond what I was looking for this Christmas and resulted in it being what my own children called, ” the best Christmas EVER!”

This is not from a dollar stance or from a materialistic view, I have realized. This was mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t frantically running around with my usual overly stressed and often ending in a fight with my husband after a financially based issue that happened at the usual last minute retail store we visit!

In the past, THAT has been our experience: It’s Christmas even, the store is closing as we head to checkout line with our big ticket items in buggy. To our dismay and shock, our bank gives us MORE trouble with our debit card due to a suspected issue with fraud or something else. (That “something else” has thus far always been due to our own purchases being denied in a former transaction resulting in an authorization hold. We would never have anticipated that red flag!)

In those terrible past experiences, we felt so low that we started to fight immediately! We blaming each other even though neither of us were at fault — EVER!

Those past moments of embarrassment and upset had us leave the store empty handed to call our bank. I remember struggling to regain my self respect and self confidence, which I am sorry to say.

But I CAN say (so joyfully!) that THIS Christmas, I had NONE of that! While I was indeed a last minute holiday shopper, this year has been a truly memorable experience.

I know for sure that my great experience was due to my before-hand purchasing of gift cards as a backup in case we had any issues. Though I try to be proactive now, who needs a nervous breakdown in the middle of Walmart on Christmas eve?!

Not me, not this year! Or ever again!

Thanks eGifter, for the ability to buy with unusually unacceptable means and making it beyond easy and super fast! I owe you more than money can make up for, for certain!

Written by Team eGifter