Giving Tuesday: A Peek Into Thank You Notes

Thank You notes from grateful recipients of great gift card gifts

eGifter customers are a particularly giving bunch. Beyond being savvy shoppers and understanding the ins and outs of achieving great savings and discounts from points, promos and deals from gift card purchases at, our customers are great Gift Givers. We thank everyone that gave us permission to post the thank you notes they received from eGift Cards they’ve given over the past days, ESPECIALLY on Giving Tuesday. Thanks, ya’ll!

“Having to leave my new baby in the NICU has been a challenge I never anticipated. The gift card you gave me so that I could pick up a quick lunch at Panera and spend the maximum amount of time at the hospital has provided just the relief I needed during these difficult days. Thanks for being such a good friend.”

“Your sweet and lovely present has worked its way into my heart. I used the gift card to purchase something special — to always remind me of the very special person that you are. I love ya, dude.”

“I don’t believe that  “Thanks” can sufficiently repay you for the help you’ve extended with this Home Depot gift card. Knowing that I couldn’t hire a contractor — but could do the work myself — you’ve made my load lighter. I am indeed indebted to you, my friend.”

“Hi, honey. Today, I am completely on cloud nine because you warmed my heart with your generosity of spirit and of course, the wonderful gift card to my favorite department store. It’s you & me, forever.”

“It is not surprising that you are such a spectacular gift-giver, Sis. From our earliest years of sharing a bedroom, a guitar and a wardrobe, you have been one of the kindest people I have ever known. You inspire me to be a better person. My love to you always.”

“Mom & Dad, how do you always know exactly what I need? While my first months away at college have been great, things have also been kinda uncomfortable. The Wayfair gift card was perfect!  I’m going to outfit my new digs to be more stylish (AND comfortable!). My grades and my future will definitely benefit from that. I’m always going to make you proud.” 

As for the eGifter Team, we always appreciate being included in your occasion and for the opportunity to spread the love.

Written by Team eGifter