COVID-19 Can’t Stop the Human Spirit

Take Care of Each Other

While each of us does our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing, life marches on! Birthdays and anniversaries simply cannot be cancelled or postponed. The earth still spins, the sun still rises and special gift giving occasions take place every day. The human spirit is being tested and people are coming through with flying colors. The vivid and countless examples of incredible creativity, heartwarming surprises and ways people are showing their love are inspiring. Here at, we are seeing an uptick in digital gift card deliveries by email and by text. We’re witnessing the sandwich generation turn their elderly parents onto enjoying streaming tv gift cards. Colleagues are chipping in to buy grocery gift cards and take-out gift cards to sick families.  Parents are going the extra mile to make birthdays special even when the party had to be cancelled. We are bolstered by the boundless human spirit exemplified by our customers.

COVID-19 Can’t Stop the Human Spirit

We are inspired to continue inventing new ways to help people celebrate life and take care of each other. 

In fact, at this very moment it is 7pm in my own suburban neighborhood here on Long Island. For the first time during this crisis, our local firehouse alarms are sounding. My neighbors are clapping and cheering. It’s a moving moment that underscores the entire point. COVID-19 can’t stop the human spirit.

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