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Stay Safe

We’re all coping with the restrictions and affects of the Corona Virus. Challenging, indeed. At a time like this, life is anything but normal. The tried and true solutions we enjoyed in the past offer a new perspective. For decades, Americans have relied on takeout dinners, food delivery and door to door grocery services. It’s no surprise that today, gift cards for those services are dramatically on the rise as people heed health and safety cautions. We have quickly diverted to protective measures like social distancing, home working and home schooling. We’re getting better at staying connected to friends and family through technology. Our cooking and meal preparation habits have changed. That’s why DoorDash gift cards have become so popular.

DoorDash Gift Cards

The spike in Doordash gift cards purchased at is a clear illustration of the new normal – delivery services are going to grow. Gift cards do not require any physical touch that could put a gift giver or recipient in harm’s way, as they can be sent from the comfort of home or while on the go — and received the same way — by mobile phone, desktop or paper. We at eGifter are fortunate to be in a business that can contribute to people across the country, helping them safely shop for food, meals and groceries for themselves and their loved ones, 24 x 7.

A Logical Spike in DoorDash Purchases

  • We are seeing multitudes of companies purchasing DoorDash gift cards for workers and their families
  • Family members located too far away to help are texting DoorDash gift cards to loved ones to make sure that a healthy, hot meal is on the table 
  • Local citizens are gathering donations to purchase DoorDash egiftcards to feed first responders too busy to prepare a meal during their mega long shifts – delivery service at its best

“Here’s a shout out to the finest, bravest, strongest and all of you superheroes, including those staying at home. “

Other Gift Card Trends

  • Meal Delivery Services Like DoorDash staffing up with new drivers, establishing new best practices for food delivery to reduce in person contact, and announcing commission relief and marketing support for new and existing DoorDash partner restaurants
  • Tenants in apartment buildings circulating checklists under doors and collecting them daily so that healthy, capable tenants can field their requests and provide the needed help
  • Local business leaders stepping up, like our very own Theresa Sullivan, who has been gathering donations to purchase meals for healthcare workers at Huntington Hospital. The Huntington Hospital Meals Facebook Group is a model of citizens coming together to help one another. Not just that, they are keeping local restaurants going through their delivery service. Our local economy is getting a boost because of the work that Theresa is doing, with the help of the generous local community here in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Here’s a warm shout out to the finest, bravest, strongest and all the superheroes stepping forward to help others in cities and suburbs around the nation. If you’re among the majority that’s staying home, you’re a superhero too! Thanks for keeping yourself and others safe. Who are you staying home for? imstayinghomefor.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. No doubt, we will rise to the occasion. Together.

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Written by Team eGifter