The eGifter Human Spirit Series: Gift Cards Can Make a Difference

The Human Spirit

How Gift Cards Can Help Unlock the Human Spirit

As the COVID-19 virus pandemic makes its way through our world both literally and figuratively, the eGifter team is hard at work finding ways to be of service. Please check back regularly for news and updates as we find and share ways to help people stick together through thick and thin. While some may argue that gift cards can’t save the world, we believe they can play an important role in our connected lives physically, socially and emotionally. It is in crises like these that the human spirit is truly tested and, in in our experience, displayed.

The eGifter team is hunkered down now, developing and delivering innovative ideas, products and services rooted in merchant and retail gift cards. Because the items sold at these establishments contribute to health, well-being, safety and community connectedness, we’ll have a lot to say and share.  Over the coming weeks and beyond, eGifter’s thought leadership helps people in real ways, both tangible and inspirational.

Together, we can make it. The eGifter family is right with you. 

Here is a preview of some of the stories and posts ahead, where we will:

  • Suggest ways to stay engaged in the face of social distancing
  • Share ideas to help friends and family weather this storm 
  • Propose specific items and strategies for the whole family, so that seniors, parents and children feel cared for and protected 
  • Post updates about our efforts to support humanitarian and charitable organizations, public and private, cross-denominational, for all
  • Offer special discounts and packages for essentials like safety, health, food, shelter
  • Take some time for laughter, entertainment and levity such that the lighter side of life shines through

We thank you for reading and sharing the eGifter Human Spirit Series. Gift cards sold at the eGifter marketplace bundle goodness into each delivery. It’s our sincere hope and commitment to surface strategies and approaches that not only help you pragmatically, but can be told as stories that illustrate the heart and resilience of people across the land.

Please share your uplifting stories with us at

Together, we can make it. The eGifter family is right with you. 

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Written by Team eGifter