The Joy of Giving With Gift Cards

On a daily basis, we hear from customers that report back about their surprisingly easy and fun gifting discoveries. Of course, *we* know how wonderful shopping and giving digital gift cards and physical gift cards can be. But, seeing it through the eyes of newly minted gift givers is always a delight. We’re happy to share some of these stories with you. Experience the joy of giving with gift cards today!

For the college students in your life… “This was my first time purchasing gift cards from eGifter. Both of my children live a distance away from me. Sending Valentine’s Day gift cards to them was a cinch! I would definitely do it again! I shared this idea in my daughter’s college parent group so that other parents could get the same pleasure that I did. Thanks for making it easy!”

For the boys and their girlfriends…“ is VERY easy to navigate and shop. I love that there are no service charges. I now realize that giftcards are the perfect gift to give from afar! All three of my boys loved their movie tickets because they got to take their girlfriends to the movies for Valentine’s day ♥️”

For the boss…”I love that text gifting is available. I work remotely and sent a gift to my boss via text because she’s on the other side of the country. This was incredibly convenient and worked out great! I also loved that I was able to schedule this gift to be delivered at just the right moment. She received it with her morning coffee just as I had planned. Just perfect! I will return for other gifting opportunities!”

Written by Team eGifter