“More reasons to shop & save”..said our customers, really.

With a gift card marketplace that carries over 300+ retail brands that can be purchased and sent both digitally (text, email, print) and physically (plastic), we realize there is something for everyone. Certainly, we built a cadre of personalization options to make gift giving special and memorable. But what delights us every day is hearing from shoppers and recipients who describe their gifting experience in detail — bringing to life the delight and satisfaction that is bundled with their gift card purchase or receipt. Gift cards are sold at face value, but the delight is packaged in for FREE. So, without further ado, we’re pleased to share sentiments from customers that found even *more* reasons to shop and save at eGifter.com. The quotes below have been taken verbatim from actual posts on Trustpilot, a popular and trusted social review site. eGifter is happy to provide more reasons to shop and save.

I recommend this to every parent of an…
“I recommend this to every parent of an adult child ! Busy busy busy but it’s sure nice to open a message on my phone that says “Happy Birthday” and a scrumptious gift to Olive Garden. Second year in a row and plan on making it an annual event. Thank You eGifter!”

Flawless service.
“I have been buying gift cards with cryptocurrency for two years now, and not once have they failed. On top of their great service, you can find some awesome bonuses. So keep track of their offers. They’re worth it.”

“Bought 2 Google Play gift cards. No problems, great price & instant delivery.”

Works exactly as advertised with Bitcoin Cash
“Works exactly as advertised. Purchased gift cards with Bitcoin Cash. Fast, painless transaction. Gift cards worked exactly as they should, no problems.”

Egifter is awesome
“Egifter has been a reliable source of electronic gift cards for me. They have a rock solid rewards program that has earned me credit towards gift card purchases, and they accept a large variety of payment methods. This has enabled me to have near limitless flexibility in terms of being able to purchase the goods and services I want to. Egifter is a top notch choice for gift cards in my opinion.”

Used Venmo funds to buy gift cards
“I love that I could use my Venmo funds to purchase gift cards! Lots of choices and easy to use.”

One of the best websites
“One of the best websites for gift cards, if not the best. Easy to buy, and they are sent to your email so fast, like five minutes. Try them out, you’ll be happy!”

Buy gift cards with paypal and shop at Amazon.com with ease
“I was having trouble buying things on amazon with my paypal account due to the fact amazon does not except paypal payment . i searched for days looking to find a way around it other then a money transfer that would take days to get approved and luckily i found the vanilla visa on egifter and within minutes i had a account linked to my paypal i payed a small 2$ fee and had my things from amazon on there way…absolutely love this site! I will be a life long customer.”

Everything went perfectly
“Everything went perfectly. The email came exactly when I needed it to and was easy for my daughter to use in the store rather than online. Will definitely do again.”

eGifter is the BEST! !
“Obtaining the Gifts and the ease of providing to our loved one was last minute, but it was beyond timely for our needs. Now that I know of eGifter, I will be using it again and again.”

Best way to shop for picky and other…
“Best way to shop for picky and other discriminating relatives.”

Hearing from our customers like affects our mojo, injecting a fierce motivation to please. Your words (both positive and critical) impacts our team for real. Your feedback motivates us to up our game, and raise our own bar for speed, selection, service, creativity and savings. Let us hear from you! Submit your #eGifterstories to us at support.egifter.com.

Written by Team eGifter