Staying Home? We’ve got what you need! Save 5% off Streaming, Gaming and Takeout

Challenging and unprecedented times like these call for innovation, freedom and ease. That’s why we created three specialty eGifter Choice Cards — so that our shopping and gifting community can enjoy a wide selection of gift cards within the category they prefer. As a mechanism to help make time at home more comfortable during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve streamlined the process of choosing and sending gift cards in ways that matter today. To purchase gift cards for movies and content, games or food services, now you can simply buy a SINGLE card in one of three categories: The eGifter Streaming, Gaming or Takeout Choice Cards. At checkout, apply the balance to any one of the gift cards shown below. No one in your household will run out of content to watch, games to play or food and meals to takeout.

It’s our honor, commitment and responsibility to continue inventing secure, special and pragmatic ways to serve you and your family through gift card solutions.

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The eGifter Takeout Choice Card

The eGifter Takeout Choice Card allows you to save 5% on the purchase of popular Restaurant Takeout Cards like Applebees, Domino's and TGI Fridays

The eGifter Streaming Choice Card

The Streaming Choice Card provides 5% off the purchase of CBS All Access, Children's Music Shop, Crunchyroll, Fandango, HBO Now, Hulu,, Showtime, Sling TV and WWE Network eGift Cards

The eGifter Gaming Choice Card

The Gaming Choice Card offers 5% off the purchase of Gocash, imvu, RuneScape, School of Dragons, Kingsisle, neopets, NetDragon, Nintendo, ReallyColor, Roblox, World of Tanks, World of Warships, and xbox eGift cards
Written by Team eGifter