Here’s an account from a member of the eGifter family. It’s sure to have meaning to those lucky enough to have grandparents. “I know everyone says it — but my Grandma really is the best. She has always lent a sympathetic ear to my thoughts, ideas and concerns — always with an open mind. There was not a single time I visited her over the years that a thoughtful gift item was not waiting for me. Each birthday, graduation and milestone occasion across my thirty-something years were marked with a special “goodie” from Grandma’s oven — rum torte cakes, sugar cookies, colorful jello molds and her world famous graham cracker and chocolate pudding pie. Even though she lost Grandpa when I was a baby and other life sadnesses were in play, my Grandma always derived great pleasure in making me happy and seeing me smile.

In return, my best effort at gifts for Grandma were typical of school aged kids. Folded construction paper greeting cards featured crayon scribbled “I love you’s” in my best penmanship. My handmade crafts from wood shop, boy scout workshops and art classes adorn Grandma’s den to this day.”

With the CVS gift card, I can be a contribution to my grandmother’s health and well being from now on.

“Now in her sunset years, it’s been harder and harder to find meaningful gifts for my grandmother. She is confined to the house more and more these days. For years now, she’s been underwhelmed with my gifts of elegance, fancy and whimsy. I’m now clear that the time has come for practicality. I realize that nothing is more important than keeping my grandmother safe, comfortable and pain free.

So for the year ahead, I’ve been thinking about how I can be good to my 80-something Grandma. It occurs to me that aside from just showing up as the grandson that loves her, I can be a contribution to my grandmother’s health and well being.

So with another octogenarian birthday approaching, I searched the internet for ideas and that’s when I discovered The single standout item in their extensive online marketplace is the CVS Pharmacy gift card. I cannot think of a better or kinder gift for my grandmother — the gift of health and wellness. CVS has it all — nutrition, hearing, optical items and skin care items, toiletries, first aid kits and the myriad medicine cabinet items for coughs, cold and vitamins. Clearly, the CVS gift card is the one and only present I’ll be giving to my grandmother from now on. And, the best part is that I will be the one to shop for the items she wants and personally deliver them.

I want to extend a special thanks to eGifter for the Print and Hand Delivery feature. The 4-way giftable PDF is the perfect way to download and print a customized greeting card containing the CVS gift card within. Now I can bring a smile to HER face with my cartoon drawings and distinct “I Love You’s” … hopefully for many years to come. “

Written by Team eGifter