Saving Livelihoods: Operation Main Street

With each passing day, the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks more and more havoc on our society, putting lives at stake and our country at economic risk. But in the face of it all, we’re also seeing good, old fashioned American Spirit rise to battle the blaze. Every day at the stroke of 7pm, people are stepping away from their living rooms and into the streets. Their cheers and thanks are directed at the healthcare workers who put their own lives in harm’s way caring for the sick and suffering, In our own response to the nation’s call for help, the eGifter team quickly conceptualized, developed and launched a solution that is having a dramatic, healing effect: As a national initiative with local roots, Operation Main Street is an emergent technology solution offering real help to real people. Through the combined power of both search engine and gift card technologies, the Operation Main Street platform adds an economic spending boost to local communities and neighborhoods across the United States. Operation Main Street is a uniquely designed local business directory where search requests automagically return a list of stores in selected zip codes that serve *you* and *your* community. Read on to learn how it works and to see how good neighbors like you can literally save livelihoods in your own backyard. And, in turn, through spending boons through gift card sales, local businesses and organizations can stay in business to serve the community that loves them. A Free Searchable Local Business Directory Making Gift Cards Accessible

As a tech company literally located on Main Street (Huntington, NY), we feel the pain experienced by small businesses everywhere. Making sure neighborhood businesses can be easily found by local residents who want to save their favorite shops and restaurants is the promise delivered by the powerhouse business directory at Together, we’ll endeavor toward the better days that lie ahead.

Neighbors: Save Your Favorite Local Restaurants and Shops

At this precarious time in our nation’s history, we’ve all reached the same conclusion: We must do our collective part to help small business owners in our towns and villages stay solvent, pay their rent and taxes, and employ salaried workers. Helping small businesses stay afloat and feed their own families is the task at hand, which will in turn empower them to pay the local taxes on which our towns depend. Keeping businesses going is a moral and financial imperative. It’s the only way that we, the people, will maintain access to food, essentials and services upon which we depend to keep our homes and families safe, well and active. Search local stores in the directory. 

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Written by Team eGifter