Happy Administrative Professionals Day (Thanks!)

These days, there’s a “National Recognition” day to commemorate just about everything. Happy National Administrative Professionals Day — it’s today! SO, if you have some “thanks” and recognition to give, no worries — you are right on time! Just select a gift card and choose “Send to a Friend”. We all know that admins are the “glue” that holds the team together. There’s no better time than the present 😎 to show your appreciation for their hard work. Why not take a moment and cruise our gift card catalog to find just the right one. Then, choose an eGreeting Card and record a brief video message. Tell them how you feel. You may be surprised at what you receive in return — loyalty, regard and continued friendship. Lucky you!

In One Moment, a Memory Lasts a Lifetime

Many of us spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our families. We depend on each other to be successful. Our victories impact each other. Often, we’re there for one another through the hard times. So, taking the extra moment to select a fitting gift card for your colleague is just a click away. Read on for a sampling of great gift cards from among hundreds.

eGifter Gift Card Catalog

There are hundreds of great retail brands they’re sure to love.

Here are a few, including Jamba Juice, Bath & Body Works and Home Depot.

Today is Your Chance. Thank Your Colleagues.

Many managers find it challenging to communicate a professional message to a business colleague — from the heart. With the personalization tools from eGifter.com, you have instant access to a bundle of appreciation.

So, happy Administrative Professionals Day. We appreciate you today — and every day!

Written by Team eGifter