Celebrate Ramadan Through Generous Gifting

Beginning tonight, Muslims around the world are celebrating the start of Ramadan, the Holy Month. The occasion is marked by prayer, peace, compassion, forgiveness and tranquility. More than that, both fasting and acts of charity are considered to be obligatory for those who are able to do so. Observers are reminded to be generous and increase their charitable activities. Starting tonight and continuing for the next month, observers are celebrating Ramadan through generous gifting. Especially during pensive holidays like this, the eGifter team is honored to facilitate kindness and giving with gift cards.

Charitable Acts of Kindness – Start Now

There are lots of ways to express kindness and charity. And, generosity doesn’t have to break the bank. For example, instead of buying yourself a new gadget or outfit, purchase a gift card for an essential item. Send it by email or text to someone in need,  “just because”. Alternatively, rather than having people give you a birthday gift, ask them to donate to their favorite charity instead. Another idea is to scan the community for chances to be a helper. Like, when you see someone pulled over with a flat tire, stop and help. They may just need to use your cell phone. For sure, you’ll have made a difference just by being there. Then, ask them to pay it forward — extending the goodness into the future.  

Charity Choice gift cards make it easy to be generous and to observe Ramadan

eGifter Family Serves Local Communities 

When we say we’re humbled to participate in community assistance, we mean it. Non-profit organizations such as Harlem Children’s Zone and Kipp Schools rely on eGifterRewards.com to send gift cards to students, families and community members. Remember, the person that needs a hand today is highly likely to lend a hand tomorrow. Let’s be there for each other. Generous gifting makes much of it possible.

Written by Team eGifter