Taking a moment to collectively pause from the surreal moments that surround us during the COVID-19 crisis, National Nurses Day is an opportunity to get present to a true national treasure: our beloved nurses and nurse practitioners. In this heartfelt Thank You Note, we extend an outpouring of gratitude, honor and respect to nursing staff on the front lines — and all those behind the scenes that love and support them. If you ask a nurse what makes them tick, they would probably mention the satisfaction around helping people get well and stay healthy. Which is precisely why every American should take an extra beat to extend a bow of thanks and appreciation. By their very nature, nurses are humble. Nurses are selfless. And compassionate. And, highly expert. If we recall the vulnerable medical moments in our lives, we may be astounded to realize just how often their comfort and care helped navigate scary situations and carried us (and our loved ones) to safety.

Nurses, The Best Friends to Have

If you’re lucky enough to have a nurse in the family, you never have to handle your healthcare concerns alone. Even when they’re not on the job, they ARE on the job! If you’re lucky enough to have a nurse in your circle of friends, you can attest to their generosity in every way, especially tips on nutrition, mental health and well being. And if you’re lucky enough to call a nurse your friend, you get the benefit of being in life together, authentically and honestly. That may be the greatest gift of all.  

We Thank You.

Your commitment to caring for others inspires us. Your ability to consume complex information during life and death moments and spring into instant action amazes us. Your unshakeable commitment to those you love moves us. Your willingness to deliver necessary medical care to the sick and suffering, even while standing in harm’s way, saves us.

A Token of Appreciation

It’s not always easy to find ways to say thanks. Sometimes, words fail us. Some of us have a hard time speaking from our heart, for fear that our tears may overtake our voices. But, now more than ever, we want you to know that we love and appreciate you, deeply.

For those among us that are doers, like the nurses we love, here are some tangible ways you can show your love.

  • Tag a nurse on social media so they can read this Thank You letter — and add our own personal message along with
  • Perform a random act of kindness to someone who isn’t expecting it
  • Make a donation to a health related cause in their honor
  • Send a Dunkin‘, Peets or Sheetz gift card by email or text — and deliver an after-shift soothing beverage of hot tea or flavored decaf
Written by Team eGifter