Cheers, Peers: Employee Appreciation Day is 3/5

Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours working alongside colleagues and coworkers. If so, we know how special those relationships can be. Day after day, we set aside our personal lives to focus on the important tasks at hand. It takes some serious teamwork to meet the demands each day brings. But making the workday enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying is another thing. Having colleagues you care for, trust and respect is truly a gift. For those lucky enough to have meaningful relationships with peers and co-workers, cheers, peers: employee appreciation day is 3/5.

Cheers, Peers: Employee Appreciation Day is 3/5

Fun fact: Employee Appreciation Day in the U.S. is a national holiday, celebrated on the first Friday of March. That means you have a full week to plan. Naturally, we think that gift cards are the best way to express care, warmth and appreciation for coworkers. At, you can send a fun-filled gift wrapped inside a thoughtful message. Add a photo or video greeting to produce a lasting memory your friend will treasure all the livelong day.

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Can’t Find the Words?

If thinking about your best buddy at work brings a smile and a nod, we’ve got some warm words for you. Try these on for size. Then, shop for a gift card and schedule future delivery for Friday, March 5th.

Thoughtful Message Ideas Here! Copy/Paste and Go.

After you select the gift card you prefer, you’ll be prompted to enter a message. Need some inspiration? Perhaps one of these fits the bill.

  • On the most pressure-filled days, you lightened my load. Thanks for being my cheerleader in chief. Your friendship means the world to me, inside the office and out. Sending some fun with this Groupon gift card!
  • Since the day I joined the team, I knew you were in my corner. Thanks for being my rudder in some pretty stormy seas. Here’s a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card coffee, on me!
  • I owe you a debt of gratitude now that my project has crossed the finish line. Your insights and ideas were spot on. This Apple gift card is a token of my thanks.
  • How lucky are we! We get to work together AND laugh together! Thanks for keeping the tunes and the energy flowing. Enjoy this Google Play gift card — it has the stuff you love.
  • Thanks for being an inspiration to me and everyone in our department. I appreciate you today and always! I hope you spoil yourself with something fun — enjoy this Bath & Body Works gift card.

Thank you notes and tokens of appreciation are unforgettable. If your work days are better because of those that surround you, let them know. The lift will be good for all.

Written by Team eGifter