How to Buy a Gift Card Online

We’re always happy to explain how to buy a gift card online because it’s easy, fast and affordable. But it’s more than the convenience. And its way beyond the savings. Fact is, the experience itself is pretty wonderful. Sending a thoughtful, special gift that carries with it your personally recorded video message creates an everlasting memento. Including a photo that lets them know how you feel — that is priceless. Your special message conveyed within a digital gift card delivery is heartwarming beyond measure. Because approved egifts are delivered in minutes, there is instant gratification all around.

How to Buy a Gift Card Online

Head over to, Click “Buy Gift Cards”. There, you’ll see hundreds of the most popular gift cards available from the best retail brands and restaurants. Browse the category listings to get ideas. Or, click the “All Cards” menu to scroll alphabetically. Now, click the gift card you want to buy. Select either “buy for myself” or “send to a friend”. Then, follow the prompts and enter your preferred payment method. Click submit and you’re done! 

Check your email for the gift notification message and perform the quick email verification step. If you purchased the gift card for yourself, follow the prompts to create a free gift card account (or login). Doing so will deposit the gift card into your virtual wallet. If you sent the gift card to someone else, they’ll receive it by text or email. We’ll email you notices so you can stay tuned. That’s all there is to it!

So Many Ways to Pay

Now that you’re an expert (couldn’t be easier), you may be curious about how to pay. The answer is, at eGifter, you can pay just about any way you wish. And, you can earn instant points (equivalent to cash) to get great discounts. Take a moment to check out the Deals and Promotions pages to save even more. Now you’re cooking with gas. 

Buy a Digital Gift Card Securely With Any Payment Method

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Written by Team eGifter