Announcing the Teen Choice Gift Card

A while back, we posted a blog featuring 10 Insanely Cool Gift Cards for Teens. Well, eGifter ingenuity has engineered a single gift card that can satisfy every teenager’s wishlist. Announcing the Teen Choice gift card! With it, your uber cool teen can choose the retail store or restaurant they love most. Finally, you’re free from limitations around having to ‘get it right’. Who could possibly know what apparel store they prefer? Better yet, you no longer have to guess their size. Or, take a chance that they’re no longer into that same gaming app or streaming service. The Teen Choice gift card can be applied to one (or more) of 35+ top store brands. Legit, we have the best digital gift cards around. Buy a Teen Choice gift card for your favorite teen and they’ll love you even more. ❤️

Announcing the Teen Choice Gift Card

The Teen Choice Gift Card is a single gift card that acts like a merchandise credit. First, they’ll receive the special message you design that includes a photo or video recording. Though they’ll probably appreciate receiving it by text, you can also email or print it. From there, they’ll be prompted to apply the value toward a purchase of the actual gift card they prefer. You’ll see that it’s easy for you and fist-bump-worthy for your teen.

Teens Love Shopping Online with Gift Cards

Teens can be complicated, moody and hard to shop for. Each year brings a new series of shopping challenges like birthday gifts, holiday gifts and graduation gifts. What’s a gift giver to do? You’ve come to the right place. Check out a sampling of the gift cards that your teen can select with the one-and-only Teen Choice Card.

Electronics, gaming and streaming (of course): 

What teen doesn’t love fast food and dining out! 

Music and entertainment are priority #1: 

Cosmetics and scents never disappoint: 

Dapper clothes are all the rage:

Legit Customize Your Message

Kick it up a notch with a personal message that solidifies you as the coolest gift card giver ever. TBH, it’s hard to keep up with teen slang, so here’s some inspiration as you compose your note.

  • I hope this gift card hits different — get something sic!
  • Here’s a lit gift card for you — enjoy!
  • Have fun shopping for a fit that will slay
Written by Team eGifter