Shopping With Digital Gift Cards on Mobile

From morning to night, mobile technology and devices are an integral part of daily life. Our cell phones are a constant source of entertainment and convenience. Similarly digital gift cards have become a mainstream, daily standard. Consumers far and wide appreciate their convenience, flexibility, and accessibility. Together, mobile technology and gift cards have made shopping a breeze! For one thing, we never have to remember to bring digital gift cards with us when we shop. Once a payment is approved, it takes just a moment to access a gift card from a mobile app or digital wallet. That means you can literally buy AND spend a gift card while standing in line at the register. Shopping with digital gift cards on mobile is a quick and easy way to get great deals and keep track of gift card balances.

Shopping with Digital Gift Cards on Mobile

You may be a seasoned gift card user or you may be new to the game. Either way, these tips and tricks will help you create a no hassle shopping experience that will make shopping simpler and more fun.

  • Use mobile wallet apps: Many retailers now accept mobile payments, add your digital gift cards to Apple Pay or Google Wallet and instantly pay at checkout with your gift card.
  • Check your gift card balance: Before heading out to the store or building a shopping card online, check the balance of your gift card. Most all gift card balances can be checked from, here
  • Save your digital gift card in your Gifter Wallet: Create a free gift card account and store gift cards purchased at inside. 
  • Cash out your cryptocurrency and spend it on everyday purchases: Scores of cryptocurrencies are accepted at and can be spent at stores like Target, Whole Foods and Panera Bread
  • Earn discounts on gift card purchases and look for items on sale at retail: Aside from the 24/7 deals and promotions available at, you’ll get more when you gift more with Points. When you find items on sale, you’ll enjoy double the savings.

Life has become better with mobile devices for all kinds of reasons. And, shopping is one of them. With gift cards as a de facto payment method for modern-day shoppers, things can only get better and easier from here.

Written by Team eGifter