Is eGifter Legit?

Were you led here by searching the Internet with the phrase Is eGifter Legit? If you’ve scoured the Internet looking for a digital gift card card solution, you may have seen some people express concerns about eGifter. We take these concerns seriously. Our customers are our lifeblood. Delivering safe and satisfying experiences to shoppers and their recipients is our greatest priority. Asking the question Is eGifter Legit is perfectly fair.

By taking a moment to complete your research here, we think you’ll come to the right conclusion.

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If You’re Wondering – Is eGifter Legit…


Here are Ten Reasons Why the Answer is YES

  1. eGifter is a well established company, founded in 2011. Our reputable platform has been servicing loyal shoppers and recipients for over a decade.  Take a moment to peruse our website and you’ll see the meticulous, thoughtful nature of our brand. 
  2. As an authorized reseller with over 300 brands include major companies like Home Depot, Target, Macy’s and Vanilla® eGift Visa® Virtual cards and many more. All of our gift cards are newly issued by each brand, never resold or gray market gift cards. These partnerships are a testament to eGifter’s credibility and legitimacy.
  3. Our customers (and their recipients) enjoy the simplest, best and most personalized gift delivery experience around. Our extensive selection of 300+ gift cards are sent by text or email, or can be printed and hand delivered, safely and securely. When the recipient’s preference is not known, buying them a Choice Card (or Specialty Choice Card) allows them to purchase what they really want. That translates into 100% gifting perfection. eGifter accepts more payment methods than any other website around including credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay Click to Pay, Venmo and Skrill. And, popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, BCH, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu —  powered by the most reputable crypto payment processors in the industry.
  4. We offer a convenient balance check tool that serves as a handy resource for getting the most out of every gift card purchased.
  5. A convenient digital wallet is a major feature of our free gift card account, where gift cards are stored for future use. Easy to use account tools make it easy to resend and regift.Quick transaction approvals mean last minute gifts are NEVER a concern.
  6. Deals and discounts are available all year, all the time. Our deals page always offers instant savings. Money saving promotions can be found frequently. Plus, every “buy for myself” gift card purchaser receives eGifter points that can be saved for later savings or applied to purchases Instant Points.
  7. Our one of a kind Group Gifting feature makes it easy and enjoyable for the gang to chip in. Think about teacher gifts, coach gifts, birthdays, baby showers and other family occasions. Sending a valuable gift that is virtually wrapped with a greeting card, photos and videos is a wonderful way to transmit love and best wishes from the group.
  8. A world class customer support team that addresses every inquiry personally, responsively and reliably. Our support team delivers a speedy response and resolution to every single person that asks for assistance.
  9. At the time of this post, there are 4,500+ great reviews on Trustpilot, validating the fact that the overwhelming portion of our customer base loves shopping and gifting at

Why the Negative Reviews? 

The fact is, most one and two star reviews are for issues that have nothing to do with our site or the gift cards we deliver. Take a moment to dissect the most common concerns expressed in negative reviews. You will see for yourself that they have nothing to do with the legitimacy of eGifter. These can be categorized as displaced frustration.

Victims of Gift Card Scams

People that have fallen victim to a scam are naturally upset. They personally placed an authorized purchase, persuaded by someone they did not know. Who wouldn’t want to complain anywhere someone would listen? Unfortunately, authorized purchases are not suspicious and not detectable. Learn more about common scams from the articles below. Please, please keep your data safe.

Trouble Redeeming the Stored Value

Gift cards are delivered with stored value within, ready to spend at a merchant’s eCommerce website or in-store, at the cashier. Many people fail to understand that the redemption experience is fully controlled by the merchant. Our helpful support agents guide users to correct brand representative quickly and efficiently.

Payment Approvals

Automated systems that accept electronic payments can be overprotective. Unfortunately, some orders cannot be accepted. We realize that users are frustrated when their purchase cannot be approved. We are confident our advanced fraud mitigation decision making is among the best on the Internet.

Lastly, Gift cards are Not for Everyone

Buying, receiving and spending digital cards from is a cinch. However, some people just prefer to give traditional wrapped presents or cash instead of gift cards. 

Thank you for taking the time to confirm that eGifter is legit. We hope this information sets you on a new path to easier, happier shopping and gifting. We look forward to serving you!

Written by Team eGifter