Send Comfort with Gift Cards on National Soup Day

On February 4th, we celebrate National Homemade Soup Day. A hot bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day brings warmth and comfort. One of the most wonderful ways to show we care is to cook and serve a hot meal. But perhaps we’re too far away from that special someone. That’s why gift cards are the next best thing to being there. Do you know someone that could use some TLC? If breaking bread in person is not in the cards, you can still extend a thoughtful gesture. Here’s how: Send comfort with gift cards on National Soup Day.

Send Comfort with Gift Cards on National Soup Day

For centuries, soup has been a staple food in many cultures. The versatile range of ingredients makes soup a classic, favorite meal. Some of the well known soups across the world include Ramen (Japan), Gazpacho (Spain), Pot-au-feu  (France), Wonton (China), Pho (Vietnam) and Mulligatawny (India). It just goes to show that everyone loves a satisfying bowl of comfort food.

On a more serious note, we all know that life can be fleeting. So, why not make an ordinary Saturday extraordinary for a family member or friend that might need a lift. Send them a gift card by email or text from one of the “souper” restaurants or shops shown below.  Gift cards offer your recipient a chance to treat themselves to something special. They’ll enjoy the dining experience without worrying about the cost. And they’ll appreciate you for having made their day.

Gift Card Ideas to Nourish and Delight

Some of life’s daily pleasures includes nurturing those we love. If you can’t be there in person, send a digital gift card so they can buy some yum. Here are some ideas to make it easy, delightful and fun.

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In honor of National Homemade Soup Day, show them you care with a giftcard.

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Written by Team eGifter