Reminder! Saturday 1/21 is National Use Your Gift Card Day

If you’re like many Americans, one of the presents you received over the holidays was given in the form of a gift card. They wanted to give you something special, but they didn’t know what you wanted most. If you stashed those giftcards away, now is the time to gather them together. We’ve all been down that road, thinking that one day when the time is right, we’ll use them. But, so often, we forget. Those gift cards are valuable and were given by well meaning friends and family who want you to enjoy them. So, here’s a reminder! Saturday 1/21 is National Use Your Gift Card Day. Enjoy!

Saturday 1/21 is National Use Your Gift Card Day

This bit of information will interest history lovers: The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed the first National Use Your Gift Card Day in 2019. That was the official start to making sure that both gift givers and recipients get the most out of their egiftcards. Naturally, smart shoppers purchase gift cards for themselves as well. They are adept at locating great deals and discounts. (For example, check our Deals and Promotions pages.)

As you plan your shopping experience, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Check your gift card balance: Bookmark this page. It links to hundreds of store and restaurant balance check pages.
  • If you received a group gift that was organized at, you’re in for a great experience. Learn more: Tips for the Lucky Recipient
  • Understanding Alphanumerical Codes, PINS and Barcodes: The monetary value of your gift card is contained within the codes and/or barcode exposed when you claim your gift. If your gift card is redeemable Online Only, it will not have a barcode. If your gift card is redeemable In-Store, the cashier can scan the barcode with point-of-sale scanning equipment. Or, they can manually enter the code into the system.

While gift cards do not expire, some bonus cards or promotional certificates do. Learn more here. 

We hope you get something you love.

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    Written by Team eGifter