Lift Holiday Spirits with Gift Cards

Gift Cards for Grandparents

When your children are grown with families of their own, what do you want them to remember about the #pandemicholidays of 2020? Clearly, this is a question for the ages. Because of social distancing restrictions from COVID-19, we simply can’t be together as usual this year. At eGifter, we always see the glass as very full. We are convinced that gift cards can supply just the magic you need. Read on for a uniquely wonderful gifting idea that can have a long lasting impact on your child and your family. The simple act of kindness (and fun!) suggested here can bring everyone together in unexpected, meaningful ways. For everyone you love, especially the grandparents, lift holiday spirits with gift cards!

Make it Extra Special for the Grandparents

If you’re lucky enough to be in the ‘sandwich generation”, you’re certainly hyper-focused on your folks. Grandparents have had it particularly rough this year, what with not being able to hug the grandkids. If they live close enough for a drive-by, this post is meant especially for you.

Shop For a Gift Card. Select Print Delivery.

The holiday magic we’re talking about is valuable but not necessarily expensive. eGifter sells hundreds of gift cards for $20 and less. Shop from hundreds of top brands at retail stores and restaurants your parents will enjoy. The idea here is to help your child produce a special gift card creation for a grandparent (or, a relative or friend.) The personal message and photo will become part of the lasting treasure that means the world to that special someone. 

Here’s how: Navigate to, select a gift card and Create a Gift for “Print & Hand Delivery”

Need some gift card ideas? Here you go! 

Make Memories with Kids. Color Together! 

Children love it when their parents participate in their games and activities. Today is a great day to spend coloring together! Decorate the “Giftable PDF” with stickers, messages and pictures. Take photos of the kids doing the artwork. Shoot a few selfies together. Years down the road, you’ll love looking back on this special memory. The end result of today’s arts and crafts project will be a “Giftable PDF”. This neatly folded, handmade greeting card displays the valued gift card, redeemable at retail. Alongside the gift card are personal messages and photos. Together, it’s a bundle of joy.

Christmas Morning, Knock at the Door….

Place the Giftable PDF in a box, gift bag or envelope.  Leave it on the  doorstep. Ring the bell and take a bunch of socially distant steps backward.

Witness the Moment of Joy and Delight

The looks on their faces as they see their family a safe distance away will be priceless. For sure, they’ll appreciate the gift card, meant to buy an item they need or want. But, the real bonus here is the “Giftable PDF”, packed with sentiments they can savor for years to come. It doesn’t take much to lift holiday spirits with gift cards! Forevermore, 2020 can be remembered as the year of love and compassion.

A Life Lesson – Compassion and Family Values

In the year of a pandemic, there is a silver lining. We have a firsthand, personal opportunity to demonstrate care and compassion to our children. The time spent together to create happiness for loved ones is a true lasting treasure. What’s more, the joy they’ll have created will bring smiles and warm hearts for years to come. Your children will learn to be better friends and more sensitive humans. Fostering a sense of family values and social responsibility is the magic we need. And, we’ll be building future generations that can truly change the world.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Written by Team eGifter