Celebrate Mom! Mother’s Day Gift Cards

Giving gift cards to mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s Day is a natural choice, especially on May 10th, 2020 — the year of social distancing. While it’s best for us all to stay apart a while longer, we can still create closeness today. Sending a special, hand picked gift card wrapped inside a digital greeting card is a great way to deliver happiness and delight to Mom. At eGifter.com, the selection of well known and specialty retail brands makes for a true shopping experience — from the safety and comfort of your home. As thousands of gift-card givers already know, warm sentiment combined with cool gift cards can do a lot of hearts a-lot-of-good. On the one day each year reserved to honor to those that love US the most, we salute *all* the Moms with a curated Guide to Mother’s Day Gift Cards — courtesy of eGifter.com.

There’s Nothing like a Mother’s Love

When it comes to moms, one thing is for sure: A mother’s love is like nothing else in the world. The mix of unconditional love, fierce protection, self sacrifice and bursting pride help build the steady ground upon which our entire lives take shape. Moms quietly and powerfully instill valuable life lessons and values from our birthday candle moments – to reassuring conversations after disappointments – to boundary setting when needed. In the rear view mirror of life, we realize their every intention was borne from love and commitment — whether or not we knew it at the time. Just notice the popsicle stick photo frames and handmade crayon cards *still* on display. Through it all, Moms love us in ways we may not always understand…until we have children of our own. 🙂

Because Your Love Means the World to Her.

The eGifter Mother’s Day Gift Card Guide

This year, we bring you the 2020 eGifter Mother’s Day Gift Cards Guide with some very specific gift card ideas we know she’ll love. Honor ALL the mothers and grandmothers in your life, biological or not. Your words of acknowledgement, thanks and love — bundled inside a well timed gift card delivery — will mean the world to her.

Send some self-care to the ones taking care of everyone else. Give her a Bath & Body Works® eGift Card. Buy a $30 Bath and Body Works eGift Card and get a $5 Card Free! Promo Code: WORKSAP20. 

Celebrate Mom with books she’ll love. Encourage Mom to explore new adventures without leaving the house, with a Barnes & Noble eGift Card

Activewear for her at-home workout.  Give her an Under Armour® eGift Card so that she can keep hitting her goals in the latest and greatest gear.

A gift that’ll get two green thumbs up. Whether your mother loves to spend time in her garden, take on fun DIY projects or perfect her cooking skills, we’ve got your Mother’s Day gifts covered — give her The Home Depot® eGift Card.

Gather up & chip-in! eGifter Choice Card

Help her stay connected with those she loves most.  Set-up a Group Gift, invite friends and family to chip in. Set the delivery time and let her choose the perfect gift with the eGifter Choice Card.

A Quiet Word for Days Gone By.

We may wish we could hear her laughter one more time. Or, sing that song together — the one she loved so much. Still, we can take a quiet, prayerful moment to tell her what she may have never heard us say: She was the best mother that anyone could ever have.

Written by Team eGifter