Delight the Kids with Build-a-Bear Gift Cards

Looking for something special to gift the kiddos in your life? Teddy bears are unique gifts that last in hearts and minds forever. If you want to make an indelible impression on a youngster, give them a gift card to Build-a-Bear Workshop. The variety of cuddly and adorable stuffed animals at Build-a-Bear Workshop is amazing. Everyone knows that hugs transcend language and teddy bears are filled with endless cuddles. Take advantage of our current promotion and save $10 on every purchase at Build-a-Bear! This limited time offer lets you buy a $50 Build-a-Bear Gift Card for just $40.  Use promo code BEAR422 while supplies last. Save big on a special gift for the little ones! Make memories and delight the kids with Build-a-Bear gift cards.

Teddy Bears are Good for Kids

Part of human nature is to yearn for peace and safety. Reassurance is easily found in the cuddling arms of a teddy bear. Studies show that children tend to feel more calm and secure when hugging a teddy. Beyond that, teddy bears spark imagination and creativity. They make great reading buddies, mascots, picnic companions, biology teachers and forever friends. Personality traits like empathy, compassion and warmth can be formed from cuddling with stuffed animals as a youngster. Who wouldn’t want to give or receive that! 

Stuffed Animals are Timeless Gifts

Many people refuse to throw away their teddy bears, saving them well into adulthood as keepsakes that represent treasured childhood memories. These soft toys carry a special charm that conjures feelings of love, freedom and innocence. And stuffed animals are not just for kids! They are wonderful, whimsical gifts for hopeless romantics, BFF’s, parents and teachers. Everyone benefits from the positive effects of a comforting teddy bear squeeze. 

Delight the Kids with Build-a-Bear Gift Cards

Save now with coupon code BEAR422!

While supplies last, save $10 on every purchase. Buy a $50 Build-a-Bear gift card for only $40 at Spend it on one of these exciting and fun ideas from Build-a-Bear Workshop: 

  • Birthday Parties: Make their special wish come true!
  • Team-Building Outings: Play outside the box with a one-of-a-kind team-building experience.
  • Service Parties: Have fun giving back! Make and donate furry friends to a charity of your choice to make a difference in your community.
  • Troop Parties: Gather the troops for a unique, hands-on experience — and be prepared for fun!
  • Camp & School Outings: If your school, summer camp or daycare is looking for a special treat, Build-A-Bear delivers!
  • Private Parties: Bring your Guests together before or after store hours for a private celebration to remember.CeleBEARation! A Build-A-Bear party is perfect for a special day — or any day!

We guarantee your purchase will do more than just delight the kids with Build-a-Bear gift cards. Your spirit will soar as well.

Written by Team eGifter