Gift Cards for Young Gardeners on National Earth Day

Gift Cards for National Earth Day

At the moment, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and all seems well. However, science has proven that our planet is in danger from the negative effects of global warming. Getting back on course to a healthy ecosystem is a must. The good news is that if we all take simple steps, we can protect our environment. Small actions taken in solidarity can have a huge impact. National Earth Day on April 22nd is a wonderful opportunity to connect with young people and make a difference. Digital gift cards can help!

Gardening With Kids on National Earth Day

Spring has sprung. Gardening is top of mind. And, there’s no better way to connect with the youngsters in your life. By fostering a love of sustainable practices that can extend into future generations, you’ll make a measurable difference in the world today.

Here’s what kids can learn from gardening:

The importance of the environment: By planting and gardening, children learn that the earth is a living system that needs to be cared for. They can see firsthand how plants grow and thrive when they are given the right conditions. Children learn that we all have a responsibility to take care of the earth.

Our ecosystem: Earth Day activities rooted in gardening expose living organisms in an ecosystem. Kids can observe how plants, animals, insects, and soil interact with each other. Each of these organisms must live in harmony to maintain a healthy environment.

A sense of responsibility: Children can take an active role in caring for their plants and gardens. Doing so helps them develop a sense of responsibility for the environment. They see firsthand that their actions can have an impact on the world around them. Bringing this forward into their lives, they become humans that make a difference in the world.

Healthy eating habits: Help your young gardener plant fruits and vegetables! Talk about nutrition and how it makes healthy bodies. Share the vision that farms all across the world bring food to everyone — made possible only by a healthy earth, vibrant soil and clean rain.

Did You Know?

Digital Gift Cards are Eco-Friendly

While we are happy to share some specific digital gift card ideas, more to the point: Digital gift cards generate no physical waste. Gift cards sent by email and text eliminate the carbon footprint associated with transportation, physical production, shipping, storage, and disposal of plastic cards. Here are some ideas for planting and gardening gifts you can share with the youngster in your life, lucky enough to have you as a climate friendly role model on National Earth Day, and every day.

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National Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to bond with the youngsters in our lives. Using the opportunity to educate them around sustainability can help plant the seeds that will help them become good stewards of our world. To make it really fun and engaging, send them a digital gift card by text or email. Take a joyful moment to the next level with

Written by Team eGifter