Best Gift Cards to Weather this Winter

Today is groundhog’s day (again!) And, here in the northeastern U.S., a major winter storm just dumped near record amounts of snow. Such is today’s inspiration for great gift card ideas in the chilly months ahead. In the tradition of our Nordic friends, we’ve compiled some noteworthy “hygge” ideas. That means creating a warm atmosphere. And, enjoying the good things in life with good people. Naturally, we look through the lens of eGifter. That’s where shoppers earn real time discounts or send gift cards to others for special occasions. Rain, sleet or snow, the best gift cards to weather this winter are sold at our site. As a result, we predict — a happy groundhog day!

Short or Long Winter, It’s All Good

While there are lots more choices at eGifter, here are some of the best gift cards to weather this winter, shadow or not.

Refresh Your Living Space! Life at Home with Gift Cards
Make your space as cozy and comfy as humanly possible. Simple and affordable enhancements to your home can make dramatic improvements to your mood. Paint a room! Add brighter lighting. Or, toss warm throw blankets over the couch. Change helps!
Home & Garden Gift Cards
* Kohl’s Gift Cards
* Home Goods Gift Cards
* Wayfair Gift Cards
Send a Comfort Meal!
Takeout Gift Card

The most meaningful pick-me-ups actually occur when we help someone else. Maybe it’s an elderly relative, former teacher or neighbor. Food delivery services are a great way to let the people in your life know that they matter. There’s no better way to beat the winter blues than to be generous and kind.
Food and Restaurant Gift Cards
* DoorDash Gift Cards
* GrubHub Gift Cards
* Domino’s Gift Cards
Get Your Game On!
Gaming Gift Cards
Family gaming is a great way for multiple generations to bond and make memories. Like they say, the family that games together, stays together. 
Gaming Gift Cards
* Xbox Gift Card
* Sony Playstation(R) Gift Cards
* Nintendo eShop Gift Cards
Enjoy the Great Outdoors!
Sporting Goods Gift Cards

Remember spending the entire wintery day outside with your friends? Outdoor winter activities are still awesome.  So why not embrace those snowy, icy options? Don’t forget that lightweight, warm, durable gear always maximize the fun.
Sports and Outdoor Gift Cards
* Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card
* NHL Shop Gift Card
* Columbia Gift Card 
Hit the Road Safely!
Auto and Fuel Gift Cards

Along with fun and comfort, we’re talking safety too. And especially during the slick and slippery weather, take it slow. Follow defensive driving guidelines like driving at slower speeds. Now is a great time to build or update a car emergency kit and pack your trunk with must-have safety items.
Fuel and Auto and Fuel Gift Cards
* Autozone Gift Card
* Jiffy Lube Gift Card
* Sheetz Gift Card 

Clearly, groundhogs may not be accurate weather predictors. It matters not! We hope these ‘ideas for living’ will bring goodness to your wintery days, inside and out.

Written by Team eGifter