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Bitcoin has been all the rage the past few months (okay, few YEARS). As the market value of this token expands beyond what anyone could have predicted, an interesting thing is happening: people are forgetting you can actually spend it.

Bitcoin, like all of the other cryptocurrency tokens out there, represents a huge investment opportunity, but first and foremost, was created as a currency — not an investment.

But how do you actually spend Bitcoin? Who accepts this cryptocurrency? What can you actually buy with it.

The answer? More than you think.

How (and Where) You Can Actually Spend Bitcoin

So what’s the deal? Why don’t we see a Bitcoin logo in the dropdown list of payment options when we go to check out at online stores?

Here’s the catch: you can spend Bitcoin online (and really, pretty much anywhere), but you can’t just go using your wallet and spending it directly on most ecommerce sites.

There are some leading-edge companies out there, who are opening their arms wide to the burgeoning boom of cryptocurrency, and accepting major tokens directly. Sites like,,, and even have been accepting Bitcoin as a payment for a while now.

With a lot of mainstream retailers reluctant to catch on though, it’s a fair question — how can you use Bitcoin to pay for anything that really matters? Groceries through Amazon Prime? A new pair of shoes for your kid?

That’s where eGifter comes in — an easy to use platform that allows you to swap Bitcoin (and soon, other tokens too) for gift cards you can use at major retailers, for things you actually need.

(Not that you don’t need a new laptop.)

How to Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin

eGifter has been hanging out with Bitcoin since the very beginning. With over 250 gift cards to choose from, you can exchange Bitcoin for just about anything using eGifter.

Here’s how you can exchange Bitcoin for gift cards that you can use at any of your favorite stores:

  1. eGifter uses the ultra-secure and user-friendly BitPay service to get the ball rolling. If you don’t already have a BitPay wallet, go ahead and set one up — it’s easy, and with Full Payment Protocol support, totally secure.
  2. Check out eGifter’s HUGE selection of gift cards, and decide which ones you need in your life. Add them to your cart, and begin the checkout process.
  3. At checkout, select Bitcoin as your payment method, and you’ll be redirected to the BitPay invoice prompt screen.
  4. From here, you can pay one of three ways:
    1. You can scan the QR code with your wallet app.
    2. You can send the payment from your wallet directly by opening it in your wallet.
    3. You can use the payment screen URL to send payment manually.
  5. Once you submit payment, you’ll need to wait for your transaction to process to get access to your gift cards. (eGifter uses some of the fastest processors available, but depending on the level of blockchain activity, they can’t control the speed with which your transaction processes.)
  6. Spend it like a boss.

eGifter makes it simple to transfer Bitcoin into currency you can use at an amazing number of retailers. Still not sure if it makes sense for you to try? eGifter has a rewards program where you will earn points for almost every dollar (or Bitcoin) you spend. When you rack up enough points, cash out and use them to buy ALL THE THINGS.

See for yourself — these are just a FEW of the big brands eGifter sells gift cards to, ranging in value from $5 to $2,000.

Cryptocurrency: The Future of Online Shopping

For a lot of people, the knowledge that there are even other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin is fresh news. The reality is that new tokens are emerging every month, each with their own perks — Bitcoin is only the tip of the iceberg.

As cryptocurrency continues to grow, a new economy is beginning to bloom that goes well beyond the investment highs and lows of these tokens. No longer a concept for just the tech savvy, eGifter is making it easy for people who are intimidated by the jargon to get out there and participate in the new digital economy.

Stay tuned — eGifter started with Bitcoin, but in the near future will be accepting other tokens so that more people can swap their favorite cryptocurrency for gift cards, and use them to buy things they really need.

And that people, is precisely what makes this intangible digital currency real money. Get yours in hand now — shop eGifter’s vast selection of gift cards.

Written by Destiny Hagest