Top 10 Gifts of Kindness

Perhaps one thing on which we can all agree is that the world needs more kindness. This one attribute contains a quiet, gentle strength that has the power to heal, unite and inspire. Best of all, kindness helps everyone! It benefits both the giver and the receiver equally. And now more than ever goodwill, compassion, and generosity are in urgent demand. With an abundant supply as part of the human spirit, kindness is a gift that can be given freely. As a random act of kindness by the eGifter team, we bring you this Top Ten Gifts of Kindness list. Consider the ripple effect you can create with a single act of generosity. One never knows the impact a seemingly small (and free) act of kindness can do to inspire someone and alter the trajectory their life. Not just that — being kind makes each of us a better person, every time.

Top 10 List: Free Gifts of Kindness

  1. Write down things you love about someone — and tell them
  2. Cook a healthy meal for your family or friends
  3. Conserve energy wherever possible
  4. Serve a meal at a local shelter
  5. Call a loved one on a video chat
  6. Let a child in your life know that you’re proud of them
  7. Ask someone how they’re doing
  8. Send a postcard to a military service member to say thanks
  9. Post an inspirational, uplifting message on your social feed
  10. Wear a mask in public and wash your hands when you return home

One More Gift that is ‘Kind of’ Free…

Our customers know that their free account at entitles them to extra discounts and savings. But in the spirit of helping others, the REGIFTING feature allows you be generous without any added expense. It only takes a moment to transfer a valued gift card to someone that may need it more than you. 

Kindness is Free and Easy.

We can BE the change we wish to see in the world. Choose kindness. Act now.

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Written by Team eGifter