Family Fun Alert: Send a Gift Card by Text

Looking to make an ordinary Sunday a sundae to remember? With National Ice Cream Day around the corner (Sunday, June 16th), here’s your chance to sprinkle some delight into an otherwise ho hum day. Better yet, if there is a special occasion that needs celebrating like a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, you’re in luck. Send a Gift Card by Text for National Ice Cream Day and sweeten their day without missing a beat in yours.

Embrace the Fun of National Ice Cream Day and Send a Gift Card by Text

Send a Gift Card by Text and make this Sunday a sundae celebration! Discover the excitement and convenience of surprising your loved ones with an instant gift card delivery right to their mobile devices for National Ice Cream Day.

Every Occasion is More Fun With Gift Cards

As millions of savvy shoppers know, sending gift cards by text has become a game-changer. Gone are the days of traditional gift-giving methods. Now, you can surprise your loved ones with an instant gift card delivery right to their mobile devices, making National Ice Cream Day even sweeter!

Instant Delight: Sending Gift Cards in a Flash

Picture this: You’re enjoying a perfectly ordinary summer Sunday. Your plan for the day might include mowing the lawn, walking the dog, or preparing meals for the week. BORING. You suddenly realize that the summer is flying by — another weekend gone. Don’t allow it to happen! Instead, create a wonderful summer memory for the family! You can do it easily, without breaking the bank.

More About Digital Gift Cards and Instant Gratification

There are many delightful aspects of sending gift cards by text. One is the ability to personalize the experience so they receive a thoughtful, heartfelt gift. Another is the convenience of shopping online with many payment options (including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies). No gift wrap or stamps required! Click a button, send a gift — what could be easier?! They’ll love you for it — and they’ll remember it for years to come.

Selecting the Perfect Gift Card Platform

To start your ice cream-filled adventure, you’ll need to choose a reliable and user-friendly gift card platform. Look for a platform like with all the (free, easy to use) bells and whistles, including the widest selection of top retail stores, restaurants and ice cream shops. 🍨

Step 1: How to Send a Gift Card by Text for National Ice Cream Day

Head over to and choose any of the gift cards below. Click “Send to a Friend”. Follow the prompts and you’re well on your way.

Step 2: Personalizing the Gift Card Value and Design

Adding a personal touch to your gift card is like adding sprinkles to a sundae—it makes it truly special. With denomination ranges starting as low as $5, you can send one to everyone in the family, which covers the cost of your adventure. Adding a playful photo will surely bring a smile when the text message is received.

Step 3: Sending the Gift Card with a Sweet Message

Now it’s time to add the cherry on top! Before hitting that send button, craft a message to get the ice cream party started. Your personal touch will make Sunday’s sundae experience a hoot!

Step 4: Scheduling the Delivery or Sending Instantly

Plan it so that all texts deliver to your recipients at the same moment. In unison, your house will be buzzing with excitement as everyone gets a gift card redeemable for a cone, dish, or sundae on National Ice Cream day!

Step 5: Have fun! Take pics!

Now that everyone has a gift card to the local ice cream establishment, head on over together. Be sure to take lots of pictures and post them to all your favorite social sites. Good on you for having whipped up some fun in a flash.

Final Thoughts…

National Ice Cream Day is the perfect occasion to send a gift card by text and add a scoop of fun to an ordinary hot summer day. By embracing the convenience and personalization of digital gift cards, you can have some laughs and create a great memory. So, celebrate this special day by indulging in delectable scoops and make National Ice Cream Day an annual tradition in your family.

Remember, whether you choose to send a gift card by text, the most important ingredient is the care and thoughtfulness behind your gift.

Have a delightful National Ice Cream Day. And, may all your Sundaes be filled with laughter, happiness, and unforgettable moments!

Written by Team eGifter