Litecoin Accepted at eGifter

eGifter is proud to support the Litecoin foundation with their #PayWithLitecoin initiative. We have been accepting Litecoin for some time now, and want to help support the community in any way we can. We are seeing incredible momentum with the #PayWithLitecoin movement, and are looking forward to its continued growth, making Litecoin more liquid, and encouraging its growth.

Litecoin is an extremely quick and affordable payment option that is convenient for our customers and that means everything to us.

While #PayWithLitecoin, and Litecoin in general, is growing in leaps and bounds, and Litecoin is among the top coins in terms of liquidity already, eGifter is happy to provide a vehicle that allows people to spend their Litecoin with leading global brands around the world right now! Yep, over 300 Gift Card brands are available for purchase with Litecoin on and in our mobile app (iOS and Android).

So, get out and support the community and help someone #PayWithLitecoin today! Tweet it, link to #PayWithLitecoin, whatever you can do. And, of course, you can #PayWithLitecoin at eGifter, and when you do you can earn Points on eligible purchases – only at eGifter.

Written by eGifter