Namaste Safe with Gift Cards!

This holiday season, we continue to challenge ourselves with the question: “How can we help make the holidays special this year?” The discovery continues! Clearly, the number one priority is to stay healthy and safe. Today’s tip: Add a regular exercise regimen — and encourage your housemates to join you. A sure fire way to make the holidays feel special is to treat yourself special. Benefits include stress reduction, weight loss and increased strength. Getting your fitness on is a productive way to pass the time (and skip the cookies), safely at home. So, for today’s “special holidays” plug, put little extra oomph, and ohm, in your life with gift cards. Namaset Safe with gift cards!

Get Fit. And Namaste Safe with Gift Cards

If you’re looking for some shopping and gifting inspiration, look no further than We have all the best retail brands for workout gear, sports equipment and exercise apparel. The extra motivation through a special delivery of a fitness category gift card, might be just the push your loved one needs to walk, run or pose. Check out Lululemon, REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods, to name just a few.

  • Exercise boosts the immune system: Research indicates that regular exercise benefits our immune system, to potentially fight off infections — including COVID-19.
  • Exercise reduces anxiety and stress: Get going! Walking, hiking, planking and even simple routines for deep breathing are proven mood-boosters and mind relaxers. 
  • Exercise with family and housemates: Get together safely with those inside your “bubble”. Challenge each other by inventing workout routines and be sure to turn up the volume on the playlist you’re curating in the process.
  • Exercise can be done virtually: From Pilates to strength training, from yoga to dance, you can workout solo or with friends, virtually. The trick is to get started. Like, now!

In a nutshell, it’s beginning to look a lot like FITmas!  

So, keep fit and namaste safe this holiday season…with fitness gift cards from eGifter!

Written by Team eGifter