Make Back to School Special with Gift Cards

The phrase “Back to School” is taking on new meaning everywhere this year. As families and educators grapple with difficult choices and new procedures, our thoughts at remain first and foremost on everyone’s health and wellness. Of course, beyond that, we are happy to be among those that make Back to School special with gift cards.

Thank Teachers (and Save Dollars)

Whatever school looks like for you this fall, we hope to help make the transition just a little easier. In the most convenient way possible, you can thank the teachers upfront, ahead of this most unique school year. Best bet is to “Buy for Yourself” (to earn Instant Points). Then, download and send the giftable PDF to the teacher, adding a personal message of appreciation and encouragement. Or, you can save your points for a rainy day! Learn more about eGifter points here.

Make Back to School Special with Gift Cards

Here are a few snappy ideas to brighten their day and lighten the load.

For Educators and Students: Staples gift cards offer entree to all the supplies teachers and students need, whether learning inside a virtual or in-person classroom. Plus, teachers can maximize their savings by earning joining the Staples Teacher Rewards program.

For Educators and Students: Barnes & Noble also offers an Educator Program which offers Pre-K through Grade 12 educators, librarians, and homeschoolers a 20% discount off the publisher’s list price on select items considered suitable for use in the classroom or with the student population, including most hardcover and paperback books, toys, and games.

For the Most Studious Among Us: Everyday learners who sign up with UNiDAYS can receive discounts up to 20% on apparel from their favorite brands like Adidas, Aerie, Under Armour and more. Rack up the savings when you combine these purchases with eGifter points.

Gift Cards for the Parents, Our True Heroes

Don’t forget the essentials! Most likely, you’ll be shopping at these outlets anyway, so adding convenience and shaving dollars is the logical and feel good choice.

Old Navy gift cards bring you their great selection of adult and kids’ face masks in a variety of colors and sizes. 

CVS Pharmacy gift cards are a great way to stock up on hand sanitizer, personal hygiene and a myriad of wellness products.

Bath & Body Works gift cards let you pamper yourself or a special friend. You both deserve some extra TLC.

Grab your gift cards from before you shop and earn points with most Buy for Myself gift card purchases. Stay safe — and keep saving with eGifter!

Note: Point awards may vary based on payment methods & more. Please read our eGifter Points Q&A before checkout.
Written by Team eGifter