Happy New Year from the eGifter Team! 🙌

Cheers to the new year and all the best for 2022! A calendar reboot is always a good chance to discover new ways to make life happier, healthier and simpler. Chief among those are shopping and gifting. Across the year, think about how much time, effort and budget you spend! That’s where the marketplace at eGifter.com comes in. Anyone that frequently uses gift cards knows that the convenience of online purchases with email and text deliveries cannot be beat. (Not to mention great deals and savings, all the time.)  We look forward to providing more tremendous gifting ideas and tools this year.  Happy New Year from the eGifter Team!

Kick off the New Year with great gift card deals

Easy (and cool) features make gifting personal and memorable

No other gift card source has the simplicity, power and variety found at eGifter.com. Here are just a few mentions of why gifters and recipients who rely on digital gifts love our site:

  • HUNDREDS of the best and most popular retail stores, restaurants and experiences — the best gifts ever
  • A generic Choice Card that gives users a credited amount that can be spent on the gift card they prefer most
  • Free account creation enables resends and storage of gift cards purchased and sent
  • Group gifts to teachers, coaches, family and friends where folks “chip in” on a special item
  • Gift cards come bundled inside beautifully designed digital greeting cards for a uniquely wrapped surprise
  • Personalization features like video recording and photo upload make your written words come to life
  • The widest variety of payment methods anywhere like credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Skrill – plus cryptocurrencies

And much, much more!

We are pleased and delighted to be the market leader in gift card shopping and sending. Beyond that, we appreciate being included in your special and important lifecycle occasions. Happy New Year from the eGifter Team!

Written by Team eGifter