Send Fun from Far Away: Grandparents Guide to Halloween Gifts

Halloween is an enchanting time of year, particularly for kids. From costume excitement to trick-or-treating and, of course, indulging in candy galore, Halloween holds a special place in their hearts. For many grandparents, celebrating this festive occasion with their beloved grandchildren can be challenging, especially when distance separates them. The emotional toll of this separation, with the missed opportunities to create lasting memories, is significant. However, there’s a perfect solution: Halloween gifts!

Fostering Closeness from Afar with Halloween Gifts

The importance of staying connected with your family, regardless of the miles that separate you, is immeasurable. This rings especially true for holidays like Halloween, which create memories that last a lifetime. Witnessing the joy on your grandchild’s face when they show off their costume or share their Halloween treats is a cherished moment.

The Value of Virtual Presence (and Presents)

Spooky but Heartwarming

The phrase “presence over presents” takes on new meaning during Halloween when grandparents can achieve both. No grandparent wants to be forgotten, and digital gift cards sent via email and text help ensure that.

A Spooktacular Experience

To add a touch of magic, here are three heartwarming stories showing how virtual Halloween celebrations and gift cards bring families together, no matter the distance:

  • A Child’s Delight: “For Halloween, I received a gift card by text from my Grandpa. I used it to buy Halloween candy from Target. Even though Grandpa couldn’t be here in person, he made it fun for me. I love my Grandpa!”
  • A Parent’s Gratitude: “My parents sent a gift card to my 5-year-old twins so they could make their own Halloween costumes. The gift card to Michael’s arts and crafts store was perfect! It warmed my heart to know that my parents and my children are bonded, even across the miles.”
  • A Grandma’s Guffaw: “I emailed digital gift cards to all of my grandkids on Halloween morning, complete with a funny photo of us in costume. The personalization tools offered at are so simple! We all had a good laugh and now share an inside joke, despite the distance.”

The Enchantment of Halloween

For grandparents, sharing in their grandchildren’s excitement during Halloween is a joyous experience. Halloween brings smiles and laughter to the faces of both children and the adults in their lives. The sense of wonder and creativity that Halloween inspires is contagious, and despite the physical distance, grandparents can be a part of this magic.

A Guide to Halloween Gifts from Grandparents

Sending Joy from Afar

To bridge the gap during Halloween, grandparents can use a powerful tool: digital gift cards. At, there is a wide selection of gift cards available from top retailers that cater to every aspect of Halloween celebration.

Halloween Gifts Ideas the Kids Will Love

As you explore the hundreds of gift cards from our site, here are some suggestions:

Creative Delivery

When sending these gift cards, consider making the experience even more special. Record a personalized Halloween video that they’ll treasure forever.

Staying Connected Virtually

Bringing the Party Online

Social channels and instant messaging make it easier than ever for grandparents to stay connected with their grandchildren, no matter the distance. Video calls, messaging apps, and social media allow families to celebrate Halloween together, virtually.

Prepare for the Big Day

Schedule a video chat dress rehearsal prior to Halloween. Invite the kids to show off their costumes and cheer them on. It’s a fantastic way to kickstart the party!

Say Boo!

Dial them up on video as they go trick-or-treating. Your grandchildren will be thrilled to show off their costume in real-time. Put on a mask, and you’ll all have a good laugh.

While you can’t be there in person, the digital gift cards you send will help them have an awesome Halloween and always remember how much you care.

Capturing the Moment

Creating Lasting Memories

Halloween is all about creating lasting memories. Consider reading Halloween stories together over a video call, and don’t forget to take screenshots to cherish the moments.

Preserving Lasting Memories

While making memories is important, so is preserving them. Collect photos and frame them so that when the kids visit, you can reminisce together.

Overcoming Distance with

A Gifting Solution at Your Fingertips is your go-to destination for shopping, gifting, and celebrating. We understand the importance of friends, family, and memories.

Staying Safe and Secure

Promoting Safety

Safety and health are paramount, especially during Halloween. Digital gift cards are a contactless, secure way to ensure safety while delivering the fun.

Embracing the Spirit of Halloween

As grandparents, there’s hardly a greater joy than embracing every opportunity to be part of your grandchildren’s lives, especially when miles separate you. Finding ways to celebrate together, through the magic of digital gift cards and virtual celebrations, allows you to join the fun and create cherished memories. Make this Halloween a spook-tastic one, filled with laughter, goodies, and, most importantly, love. Let eGifter help.

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Written by Team eGifter