eGifter & Dunkin Donuts

An eGifter customer and Bitcoin specialist, Joel Valenzuela writes  a great post on his blog, the Desert Lynx about the ability to use Bitcoin in the every day world.

Bitcoin enthusiasts rejoice: you can now use it to get your coffee fix just about anywhere.

Ubiquitous coffee and breakfast chain Dunkin Donuts, which you can find just about every few blocks in New England, can now be patronized with Bitcoin, thanks to a recent gift card integration through eGifter. This allows customers to effectively pay with Bitcoin, even though the chain itself doesn’t yet take it directly.

According to 2014 figures, there were a total of 2,243 Dunkin Donuts locations in New England, 215 of those in New Hampshire. Massachusetts is the clear heavyweight in the Dunks game with 1,151 locations, more than half the total of New England, and 10% of the global total of 11,500 spanning 40 different countries.

eGifter precise amounts makes it basically like using Bitcoin direct

According to eGifter CEO Tyler Roye, the Dunks integration was inspired by the coffee habit of the company’s employees. “The card was on our wish list since our first day in business. Many of the eGifter team members start every day with Dunkin coffee, also referred to around here as startup fuel. Those cups in our hands were a constant reminder that we wanted this card, so we are quite excited to finally be able to offer it to our members.”


Several other companies allow customers to purchase gift cards to major chains with Bitcoin, including Gyft and Fold. However, because of a unique feature with certain cards, eGifter allows customers to purchase precise amounts. Meaning, if you buy a coffee and a sandwich at Dunkin for $5.83, you can buy a $5.83 gift card with Bitcoin and have no balance left over. Bonus points for figuring out the exact total and buying the gift card while still in line so you don’t make people wait around for you to figure out your phone. Also, by using Bitcoin, you can save 3%. Final sweet trick: you can buy a gift card for someone else, meaning if your office buddy is out to get coffee and you decide halfway there that you want some, you can just send a gift card last minute to get your fix.

Adoption is one of Bitcoin’s biggest hurdles to clear

Bitcoin has all kinds of advantages over old-school money: it’s instant, infinitely divisible, decentralized, anonymous, and can’t be printed and therefore devalued by some unaccountable central authority. Best of all, it’s really convenient to use, as you can send any amount to anyone anywhere in the world almost instantly for very low fees. The one major setback from the layman’s perspective is that you can’t use it in the majority of stores yet. Gift card integrations like this, especially with major global chains, just make further adoption that much easier of a sell.

Editor at The Desert Lynx
Joël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx. He is also the founder of the Rights Brigade, a mover for the Free State Project, and a martial art instructor.

Written by eGifter