3 Breakthrough Gift Card Ideas for Life at Home During COVID-19

Gift Cards for Life at Home

The notion of “home” has taken an entirely new meaning as we continue to live with COVID-19. For many, home is no longer just the place we sleep, eat or watch television. Instead, we soldier on, transforming our living quarters into multi-functional spaces. Kitchens and dining rooms have become home offices. Kids go to school in their bedroom. Living rooms are a combination gym, media center and creative studio. And computer and mobile devices serve as shopping malls. Our agility and resilience have been amazing. Still, we have miles to go. As we continue to hunker down, here’s a look at 3 breakthrough gift card ideas for life at home during COVID-19.

Naturally, gift cards are front and center.

3 Gift Card Breakthrough Ideas

Working from Home Successfully and Comfortably

Consider the ideas described in the new ($7.99) e-book published by Google Books “Working from Home – Make the New Normal Work for You”. This book discusses how to build a future of work in any kind of space regardless of shape or size. So many of us need personalized time management routines designed specifically for remote productivity — even while wearing sweatpants.

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Attending School in the New Age of Learning

Learn about “strewing”! It’s the emergent parenting technique to casually (yet strategically) scatter “invitations for learning” and creativity that kids can discover on their own. Borne from the new age of necessity, strewing can be an exciting way to stimulate curiosity that leads to a love of learning. Target.com has everything you need.

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Enjoying [Music & Art] + [Entertainment & Fitness]

If you don’t know about it yet, Apple One is all that! Apple One bundles up to six amazing Apple services into one easy subscription. With millions of songs, over 100 games, Apple Original shows and movies, and more, there’s something for everyone in every Apple One plan. Sheltering in place safely at home can be engaging and satisfying for the whole family.

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Apple gift card

It takes courage and grit to find the silver lining these days, when the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are so great. Digging deep, these 3 breakthrough gift card ideas for life at home during COVID-19 may offer a bit of sunshine through the clouds.

Written by Team eGifter